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I am inspired by the picturesque Texas Hill Country around Enchanted Rock, to things closer at hand, like the Yucca which stands like a centennial among the stunning display of wildflowers that blanket the Spring landscape. Whether it is a full moon flooding the land with an ethereal glow, or the sunrise awakening the colors in nature as it gradually reaches into the remaining shadows, all of this is food for the soul.

For many years, I painted in a realistic manner. A trip to Australia taught me that art is beyond national or cultural boundaries. While my technique is generally referred to as *Pointillism*, it is different in approach. I combine the movement found in the works of Van Gogh with the inspiration derived from the use of dots found in Australian Aboriginal Art to create my unique style.

The visual impact created by the dots, combined with the vivid colors of red, green, blue, yellow, and orange are a stunning combination on these large-scale prints, and are guaranteed to bring excitement and joy to any quilting project. - Ira

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