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6073 15 Sturbridge Cream Blooming Vines

Sturbridge by Kathy Schmitz for Moda - 6073 15  Blooming Vines Cream

"The last time I went to Massachusetts to visit my sons, I was able to spend a lovely day with a customer of mine who took me to see Old Sturbridge Village. What a place! Everything was so inspiring and before I knew it an idea for a fabric line started swirling in my head. Old Sturbridge Village is an 1830’s living history museum - I was literally surrounded by everything I needed for reference and inspiration. I took photos of the old wall papers and painted murals, the buildings, and even the sweet livestock. I knew I wanted to concentrate on the panel to bring all of the elements together and what better to reflect that time period than to design the images using silhouettes. The coordinates were almost all designed from my take on the wallpaper I saw there. What a wonderful day! And now I have fabric to remind of the time spent with a new friend." Kathy Schmitz 


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