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31512 11 Lizzies Legacy

Lizzie?s Legacy 1850-1880 by Betsy Chutchian for ModaInspired by the writings of my great, great-grandmother, and an antique Nine Patch quilt, Lizzie's Legacy is a fine example of the many fabrics available to Lizzie in the mid 1800's. Lizzie kept a daily record of her work and family activities on their farm and ranch from 1857-1882. As an average pioneer woman of the 19th Century, Lizzie made a home, raised 7 sons, took in 3 orphaned boys, and buried an infant daughter. Her daily writings indicate a love for sewing and quilting, not just an obligation for caring for her family. For example, for the year 1868, Lizzie decided she needed to count what she had made. Her list began by stating that she didn't count any or her patching, fruit-drying or garden work. Still, her list for 1868 included: Garments cut and made - 136; yards of cloth wove - 55 1/2; comforts quilted - 6; quilts quilted - 3; quilts pieced - 3; cotton rolls carded for - 44 cuts; yards spun for knitting - 15 cuts; socks and stockings knit - 12 pair; cut carpet rags for - 15 yards carpeting; spooled and warped pieces of cloth - 4; and finally, straw hats platted and made - 1. A very busy wife and mother, Lizzie wrote nearly every day until just before her death in 1882. She was just shy of her 50th birthday.Lizzies Legacy Cream 31512-11

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