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There is nothing as sweetly remembered as Grandma's kitchen and the companionship shared. Whether it was sweet tea and cookies in the afternoon, sour cream and onion chips on a Sunday night, or a freshly opened jar of homemade vegetables soup served with fresh-baked bread, those memories stick with you.

Canning Day remembers the bonds forged by time snapping green beans, shelling peas, de-silking corn, peeling peaching, slicing pears, or preparing any other number of fruits and vegetables for the pressure cooker. Often times this happened in a steamy kitchen, amid the sights of brightly colored aprons, pretty fabric jar covers, charming table cloths, and so much laughter. This collection evokes the nostalgia of those days - full of sweet flowers, colors, and happiness.
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29086 22 Canning Day Strawberry



29086 29 Canning Day Twilight

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CQ 160 Candy Striped Quilt Pattern



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