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About Us

Great Grandma didn't sew. 

Grandma didn't sew. 

Great Great Aunt Val sewed. We have two of her quilts plus all of the pieces she cut out for a Wedding Ring quilt she started in the early 1940's. (You can see all 3 in the shop.)
Mom sewed. She sewed everything. Barbie clothes, doll clothes, clothes for us, clothes for her, bed spreads, curtains, drapes, slipcovers, etc, etc, etc. She had many other hobbies but got seriously involved with quilting in her mid 50's.

At first we weren't interested in the quilts (especially the traditional patterns and fabrics) but we were in love with the newer fabrics (and this was in the mid 90's when fabric wasn't nearly as great as it is now). So we started by just collecting fabrics. :) Then we actually made a quilt or two and we started liking the traditional patterns using the newer cute fabrics. And we've grown so much that we now love lots of quilts and lots of fabrics! Hence, Mesquite Bean Fabrics. We had talked about opening a fabric store with Mom but it never made it past the talking stage. Mom is only with us in our hearts and spirit now but it is our mutual love of fabrics and quilts that inspired Mesquite Bean Fabrics.
We are going to work hard to be your favorite fabric shop - in person and online - by offering great fabrics and the best service possible. We will be adding more fabric choices as well. Please let us know how we are doing!"

Paula and Cindy

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  • Phone: 210-281-1256
  • Shop Hours: M-F 10:00a - 5:00p, Sat 10:00a - 3:00p
  • Outside of these hours, call for appointment